Polycarbonate Noise Barrier

Envirotech Polycarbonate Noise Barrier is a pioneering solution aimed at combatting noise pollution. Envirotech takes pride in its role as an industry leader, dedicated to offering advanced acoustic remedies that elevate living standards and environmental well-being.

The construction consisted of MS/Galvanized steel beam as horizontal and vertical posts specially designed aluminium pressure pad with rubber gas kit use to grip polycarbonate sheet tightly. The standard Polycarbonate Noise Barriers designed to achieve 22 STC to 36 STC rating and the same has been confirmed during laboratory test.

Noise barriers find common application in outdoor settings where the tranquility of certain communities requires preservation against the intrusion of high-frequency noise. This encompasses areas adjacent to airports, highways, railway lines, industrial facilities, manufacturing units, and even construction sites. The adverse ecological implications of sound pollution have prompted regulatory bodies to institute measures for effective noise control. Industries and other noise-producing establishments are mandated to incorporate sound attenuation devices, an imperative step to shield the encompassing environment.


Impact resistant: The polycarbonate / acrylic sheets are very strong and impact resistant. It will not shatter with stone impact or any other impact either.

Weather resistant: The polycarbonate / acrylic material is not affected by adverse weather conditions. It is also UV resistant and will not crack or break with strong sun.

Non-corrosive: The frames used for the noise barriers are galvanized and are non-corrosive. It will not rust or corrode. The material for the noise barrier sheets is also non-corrosive.

Flexibility: The polycarbonate / acrylic sheets are versatile and mouldable.

Light transmission: The translucent materials provide good light transmission of up to 95%.

Noise reduction: The acrylic/polycarbonate noise barrier is the most effective at sound reduction and can reduce sound up to 36 dB(A).

Fire resistant: It has a Class B fire rating.

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